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tv   Today  NBC  March 23, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in
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it's wine day wednesday. march 23rd. that's called we have a great show today. three time emmy awinner is here. going to tell us about the role n playing that he says is one of his all-time favorites. >> and i'm looking forward to your trip today to a special tribute to frank in one of the most incredible places in if world. frank just loved it. we'll share that. >> one of your favorite people in the world this year, carol in "tuck ever lasting" about a family that lives. >> forever. and is headed to broadway. also starring a named michael parks, a beautiful cast. and you might just get a glimpse of her -- nope. you, you of you behind us when she sings.
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because you sent in your best days er that? >> it will be part of it.
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he wine bot out. >> and i have a perfect record on the winebot. perfect for ll righty. this is our issue. a new bill has been introducey legislature to outlaw texting while walking.
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>> that was lame. >> certain things are worth it. >> okay. i think >> okay. joke over. nice talking to you. all right. if you draw blood, be back. if it passes, what could happen? >> you could face 15 days in >> a $50 fine. >> or both. so do you think it's a good idea for someone like right now alex would be on his way to prison for 15 days because >> sounds like a good idea. [ applause ] >> so the question is it okay. so i think that the way too ridiculous and severe if you are texting and walking. kid texts you something important and you have to text him back. you're under arrest kathie lee, cody needed something.
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why don't you hashtag it team hoda for a change. >> let's go back to the initial idea of this. we're wondering if itagainst the law. >> illegal and you should go to jail and pay a fine. >> we're just asking should it be -- >> that's what i thought. >> no, now you're try -- >> no. i think it should be a >> here's the choice. >> hoda! >> do you get arrested and go to jail or do you not. that's what we're ou want to win that battle. >> stop it. >> i haven't even started yet, guys and you got the winebot i'll give her this one. >> no, don't give it to me. >> what if somebody is going to be killed because they're not looking around? they're either going to go -- they're going to go into a bus, a bus is going to a pedestrian is going to fall, you're going to sue the city. it's so dangerous to walk and be doing this.
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somebody is going to die pum they're making this a law. >> jail. >> this is the idea. should texting while walking be >> what's the penalty? >> that was the question, hoda. ted aked out is because when they talked about the penalty i said, 15 days in jail for being arrested. if it was a misdemeanor and you were like hey, slap on do it. >> then they're going to keep on doing it. >> exactly. well finally the starting to win. >> that's what's wrong with our tion. our laws don't me anything. >> let's just debate texting and walking. >> if it was somebody you loved that got killed, it would be law. >> and if your son cody was going to prison for 15 days job you wouldn't like it. >> i wouldn't like it but he it again. >> what if you went to jail tomorrow because you had to text
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>> i don't know who andy is.'t matter. it's important. >> i wouldn't do ill while i'm walkinhen i'm sitting down. i think it's much more dangerous than we give it attribute. >> can we take one wine because i don't think it's going to last. >> the question as we know is should it be illegal to text whale nd go to jail. let's send justin bieber to or believers. tell them why. >> this is interesting. justin has announced -- >> that looks a bit like a woman right there. i'm sorry. i keep thinking, is thatristen stewart? does it not like like kristen stewart? is that bieber? >> yes. he just announced on instagram that he's not long going to have meet and greets with fansbackstage after con seshts
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fans pay up to $2,000 fsh or that let's read why justin originally said he wanted to make this change. he said, quote, i enjoy meetingible people but i end up feeling so drained and filled is so many of other people's spiritual energy that i end uped and unhappy. i warrant to make people smile and happy but not at my and i always leave feeling mentally exhausted to the point of depression. the pressure of meeting people'st he's supposed to be is too much to handle. and he wants to stay in a healthy mind. >> he has 114 showsom now until late november. maybe he should not do as many tours and live up to his obligations. i think he's awfully young andy fit to be so exhausted. look what taylor swift does with her fans. and iit.
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i've been in this business a long long time. i've never heard of peopleid. charity stuff. but you get paid? somebody gets paid for you doing what you should hello to your fans and be kind to them. not thousands of them. >> $2,000 for a backstage meet and greet?rd of that. >> but at taylor's concert, i continue know this because of ot picked, they hand pick super fans from the audience and bring them back as a >> there's no money. obviously people are going to get their money back. it's not a good idea to disappoint fans at that point.e already agreed to he should do and maybe change the policy afterwards. but that is notpeople that love you will stay with you for the rest of your career if you treat them right. >> you've been in the business for a long time and
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that, what did you have to do? what's the drill? >> regis and i -- for years iing nightclub acts. then regis and i did it 20 years together. you go out there and all the ll waiting to see you, you see. >> right. you know? if you're working inty, they'll bring in the high rollers. that doesn't mean that we got paid any more but that's what you do working for say hello to high rollers. >> the company backstage who organizes some of these things. they said it was a issue. they claimed there was some security issue that forced them to cancel all of the meet andhen justin put out the instagram that said he was tired or whatever he said exactly. >> who knows what's going on in his private life. if he would stop some of thatess he wouldn't be so tired. just me, just a mother speaking. i love the kid. i've known him a long long time
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we know. >> and i think anyone who has been a sounding board for a friend who's been in painmetimes you do take on the pain with you and i's not simple. >> this is different, though. he's very good about going to t and being there for sick kids. that's a different thing. he's talking about after his shows. not dumping their problems on him, i don't think. they're just thrilled to meet him. we'll see. hoda is winning by i hope nobody gets hit by a bus. this is going to helpes go go to the rest room. you can't go. jennifer garner told this great story about when she had dress she didn't know how to use the bathroom because i.d. was big and flowy. there's something called ay.
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let's see if we can tell who's who. >> i think the one on the left is kim k. the other one says she's a dop l ganger or a >> they're both in black. never mind we'll tell you later. take a walk down memory lane in israel.hat i'm to do as i
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this year. i wish sarah was here. i know, moments in life don't always come from a cookbook. look who's joining us. happy easter.rt. find low prices every day on fresh food for your easter meal. walmart. actor jeremy played quite the range of actors throughout his career. and a hot headed agent on raj", three emmy awards and a golden globe. >> one of jeremy's personal a successful
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1900s whose life is depicted self ridge." take a look. >> why didn't you ask me to your club? >> i like to meet people here. >> to let them in.ay not here, not one of them? >> they would let you in if you were with me. wh to london i was an outsider. and they called me a shop it wasn't a compliment. i know what it's like to have doors not open for you. you have to fight. you can pick the wrong fight. >> yeah. >> so he skbr e skbr >> yes, indeed. experiencing racism. and the great thing about harry is he had a big heart and everyone. we addressed the issues. it is our last season.
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knew we were going to dofrom the beginning. it's different than in the states. in the states here you do a pilot and it's the great over there you have a finite amount of time to do it. >> in fact around the world this particular show is shown in how many countries in the 165 countries. and it's just been such a massive hit overseas. >> i don't know if you expected that when you first came on to talk. >> i did expect that. i'm very delusional by nature. >> it's such a unique t is a unique story but i think that everyone is fascinated with costume drama and a simpler time. you guys were talking abouttexting. everyone is on their phones and no one is really connecting with each other. this is a way to go back to a time when if you wanted to seehad to go to their home and speak to them face to face as opposed to be hiding
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you play, i've heard you say this is your it about this character? >> he's fascinating. the real harry selfas amazing. he invented shopping. he was such a professional during the day and was a led through example and love. at night he gambled and kind off the rails. u you look for the dualialties to play because they're fun to >> when you're shooting something like this in london -- we've talked to actors who have shot here and itthere are 17 million talks and it takes forever. when you shoot something in london, is it down and dirty? do you just do it and move own and dirty, yeah.
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>> no. over there they are they're really, really great to work with. i grew up in the theater and over there everyone is kind the theater. we were all kind of -- everyone works hard and they're not pretentious, they have fun and play. >> great sense of humor.lize you grew up in the theater. so there's a lot to this guy. >> many layers. >> a lot of y many layers. >> germany piven if that's your real name. >> thank you.
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it's wine day wednesday. we're ready to play the weeklye who knew. if you hadn't heard "my big fat greek wedding 2" opens in d. tomorrow we're throwing a wedding here on "today." we're about to test your knowledge of famous on-screengs.
10:31 am
rock ready to hand out $100 to he questions quickly and her book to those who don't. here to help me out, chieft at fandango. award season is over. you can breathe. we'll go over to hoda. >> you'rem np. >> what's your name? >> ashley. >> where are you from in. >> lake land > the wedding singer which first class passenger helps unite adam sandler and drewbarrymore on a plane? >> i'm going to say c. >> so sad. so >> who was it? >> it was billy idol. remember he common deers the pa system on the plane and am sandler to sing. one of his big songs was "white wedding."
10:32 am
backhat's your name? >> hailey. >> you're from. >> harrisburg,arkansas. >> this is a picture clue. look at the picture. 2008 movie which stars katherine heigl as a chronic>> "27 dresses." thank you. >> hesitation on that. >> yeah, the height of her popularity on "grey's anatomy." the title refer to the fact that a bridesmaid 27 times. in this movie her sister is getting married to the man she secretly loves. >> she's a>> great access. >> terrific in "knocked up" too. the movie. >> go, hoda. >> what's your e fernandez. >> where are you from in. >> oceanside, california. >> all right.
10:33 am
what classic song is featured in both the restaurant and wedding it is midnight train to georgia, i say a little prayer for you or "close to you"? >> i'm going b. >> okay. hoda. it's not >> i would like to hear you sing it. yeah, a song that was made popular by deon n amazing song writing. 30 years later the song lives on and has such greatnd austin powers did a lot of theirs too. one more. >> e my name is heather. >> you're from? >> jefferson, >> identify -- this is a picture -- this 1967 drama that
10:34 am
>> "the graduate". >> "the graduate."s. >> mike nichols directed that. >> and the movie that made dustin hoffman is huge classic movie ending. >> kids today think that paul newman was the guy that does the food. >> that movie next year. >> i wish you wouldn't have said that. >> do we have time for one so, we don't. i'm sorry. >> we don't? >> we're going to leave a little time for frank, >> bye fa elicia. >>burg any trip to the holy when my chronic pain got bad, my doctor prescribed medication-an opioid. it really helped!ame with some baggage:
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to israel which is not only alace for her but also a place that has a lot of meaning to her. >> everywhere i turn is a of when frank ai spent time in the holy land four years ago. we paused to pay tribute to frank in one of his favoriteplaces in the world. best places on the trip to israel. this is the first time i've been back to israel without frank by my he was very much in my heart. >> i want to say condolences about frank. >> thank you so much. >> your husband just so you this, my wife, she listened to her testimony meant a lot.
10:40 am
family and friends, including my writing partner and his wife and david has collaborated with me for the last 15 years. we wrote this song in memory frank. he loved the story of david and this beautiful natural oasis. and it reminds me ofre four years ago with frank. he loved it here. e couldn't believe that david hid in these amazing kaefs. and he was so moved by the of david and goliath.
10:41 am
what is your gift, how will it what is, what is stone walking through the ancient ruins in says rrhea broid memories with frank. >> i have a distinct memory of being here with my husband, hoe saw the hippo droem and thesports caster in him could not help it. he jumped over here and went to the edge saying good evening everybody. welcome to giant stadium. it's a tonight. good fight or something like that. this is that wonderful way. he loved it here oh my lordt here. i have a million memories of being here with him. here are the ancient roman
10:42 am
it seemedd pay tribute to me. >> we rejoice in his life, a life well lived, we rejoice in a race well rue back he couldn't talk about anything else. he wanted to show everybody his stones in his trophy rooms. nobody wanted. they wanted to see his stuff. but frank would take them right to the stones, look atstones. a man who was in seven halls of fame went into the hall of faith. his name written in the book of and i just, i praise god for that. i'm so happy you're all here. thank word cuts like a knife it strengthens my heart, days fills me with hope, thrills me
10:43 am
your word, your word ank you. >> how beautiful was that? >> you know, thank you who of this. it's frustrating to hear the music. you can get the music if you like the songs they're done going to love them done right in the study. go to and >> what a beautiful, beautiful tribute. i like the giant stadium. i could picture frank doing >> oh yeah, give the sports caster a stadium. >> so beautiful. that was gorgeous.
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>> the citi concert series on "today" is proud lu presented to you by >> a three-time tony nominee starred in some of the best of broadway from finding neverland to mama mia and our skound lows. on our good friend karl lee carmelo. she's getting ready to bring a classic in "tuck everlasting". >> she's going to sing my most beautiful day for us. you're going so see some photos as she's sing in the back. you've been working on this for a long time. >> on and aefr for six or sevene did an out of town tryout and workshops and labs. we're finally on previews start march 31st. >> i'm going to bring sissy spacek and hoda
10:50 am
here she is, the most unbelievable woman in the world. love you honey. grown woman who stands at a mirror remembers one beautiful dayry girl past her time knows the day and time she looks most exquisite and she will revisit the day, her most beautiful day for the rest of her
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me dancing and everything fell into my hair tied like so with a blackberry bow, a night that i will remember, remember, day my most beautiful day for the rest of my life each memory a sweet melody your heart clings to, with each passing time, what time takes away the heart makes new looking back, looking back
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your most beautiful day for the rest of your life love unlike beauty, your dresses or dances won't wrinkle or thicken with to be loved you will learn it's to love in return, finde you care for and prepare for, prepare for,e for the day your most beautiful day
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your most beautiful day for the rest of your life >> bea >> carol lee, nobody better. >> so it opens soon. >> love you. >> thank you for having me. >> back in a moment.
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it's a big big day around here here. >> it is.
10:57 am
she needs to remain nameless. >> come here. come here. happy birthday. little cake. >> thank you. >> by the way, we -- >> can i make two announcements. if you want your zreems ed, please go to klg and hoda hoda. >> there's way too much fire. how many candles are >> 84. >> i'm going to kill you. >> love you. >> tomorrow "today" is a big fat wedding. >> she has to blow out the candles. >> make a wish. >> we have to toast jojo. >> that's a >> everybody should have somebody they work with that they love this much who makes everybody this happy every little crazy too. >> that's what we love about our jojo. >> happy birthday. rmance
10:58 am
>> we're ambushing two treating them to makeovers? if you're a fan, we're looking in for new fans o that. >> bye. >> bye.
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[cheers and applause] >> announcer: today on rachael ray... >> rachael! >> announcer: spring into spring from a problem solver. >> nice. >> announcer: smooth out the rough spots both inside and out. you shave a lot? what are you? do you really? no. >> announcer: with rich, you know dinner is not going to be a >> rachael: so good.


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